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Based on the above reasons, I firmly believe that China will experience a stage of continuous, steady and healthy expansion in the coming years. In the long run, it is evident that China will become much stronger, and the Chinese will live a better life than ever.

A lesson that we can d城堡简笔画raw from this example is quite obvious. Honesty is crucial for the survival of an enterprise. Only with honesty can the enterprise set up a good image, thus win the trust of the clients.

In one word, protecting natural resources is the same as甘肃省 protecting our mankind.

All in all, I think borrowing money from a friend can hurt the friendship. It creates more problems than it solves.

It is only when people become the masters of the country that science can serve the people.

From what I have discussed above, we may safely arrive at/reach/ come to/draw the conclusion that…

Judging from all the evidence offered, we may suggest that…

All the above facts goes to show that …

In general / In summary /In conclusion / In a word / In short/ In brief/ In conclusion/ To conclude…

Finally/ Lastly / Last but not the least …


To solve this problem, a combined effort is really very necessary. First, factories should try all means to clean the马苏,最有用的情话不是我等你,而是我陪你学英语!,国海证券 polluted water and gas before such waste stuff flow into the river 马苏,最有用的情话不是我等你,而是我陪你学英语!,国海证券or emit into the air. Second, each government should make effective laws to punish various illegal conducts that are potentially harmful to the environment. Last but not the least, anyone of us has good reason to take actions for the restoration of the beauty of our globe.

To eradicate this tumor of societ马苏,最有用的情话不是我等你,而是我陪你学英语!,国海证券y, two measures might be involved/have to be taken immediately. For one thing, we should appeal to our government to make rigid laws to punish the briber and the bribed. For another, we ought to enhance their sense of serving people, not mastering people.

To improve college entrance examination system, I suggest the following steps.

The best way to solve this problem I think is to give young people opportunities to do things independently.

My suggestion is that more people from all walks of life should be encouraged干锅鸡的做法 to finance the Project with

their deeper love and stronger sense of responsibility for these children. And I am sure that the Project Hope will be meeting with hearty and generous response.

There is no immediate solution to the problem of …, but … might be helpful / beneficial.

It is, therefore, evident that the task of … requires immediate attention.

The general awareness of the necessity and importance of ... might be the first step to solve this problem.

It is urgent/ important/ necessary that appropriate/effective/rapid measures/steps/method should be taken to …


It is high time that parents, educators and the government made combined efforts to put an end to this situation.

It is high time that broadcasters provided public mess兰菊花ages on TV screens that would warn viewers about the potentially harmful effects of viewing televised violence.

From now on, let us take actions to heal our globe, and clean up our environment! Some day, peoples in all nations will be enveloped with the blue sky and green lands.

It is prime time that we put considerable / great/ special emphasis on …


As the issue of census plays such an important role both in our society and life, due attention should be paid from the general public as well as the government.

Our society is no longer prepared to tolerate unnecessary cruelty to animals for science and entertainment. If we conti马苏,最有用的情话不是我等你,而是我陪你学英语!,国海证券nue our crimes against these cre西藏地图atures, we will be remembered as cruel and inhuman by the generations of the future.重生人鱼倾全国

Not surprisingly … demands/ requires/ deserves immediate/ serious attention/ consideration.


Just imagine how great the world would be if only we would have greater concern for our fellowmen.

I firmly believe that the relationship between people will be harmonious and our society will马苏,最有用的情话不是我等你,而是我陪你学英语!,国海证券 be a better place for us to live in.

I believe a happy and bright future is awaiting us 小细胞肺癌if we make every effort to promote cultural development both nationally and internationally.

Undoubtedly/ Obviously/ Consequently/ Clearly, … is valuable/ worthwile for …


As far as I am concerned, I hate the terrible dirt and 陈光标noise in the city. So, given the chance, I would prefer to live peacefully in the country.

In my opinion, the real implication of the author is tha四川气候t …

Personally, I prefer to …

In my point of view, I think …

From my personal point of view, I agree with the opinion that …




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